Drew Boyd, CMCT, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

“The CMCT program is demanding. It raised the bar for me as a professional educator and facilitator. I am credible in front of any audience with principles of persuasion – corporate or academic. The audit of my first POP workshop® was intimidating but worth it. I...


“This is a masterpiece by Robert Cialdini. It delves into the most important aspects of sales and marketing and is one of the most authoritative books on the subject despite its age. People think that the marketing arena is changing, but that is not quite true. The...

Duct Tape Marketing

“There is arguably no more important book in the world of persuasive selling than Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. With the rise of online marketing, it was, therefore, only a matter of time before the principles of influence that Mr....

Tracy Hunter, Schering Health Care Ltd, UK

“The Principles of Persuasion workshops have been very useful indeed. Our colleagues here at Schering Health Care became much more personally effective whether they are new to their role of very experienced. The POP really helped our selling model for instance and...

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