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We are often told what a positive impact Dr. Cialdini’s work has had on people’s lives and businesses—whether they are readers of his books, participants in our workshop or audience members at one of his keynote presentations.

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Praise for Dr. Cialdini

“Dr. Cialdini held our audience ‘spellbound’ for hours. His advice was both strategic and practical and was geared perfectly for our audience from about 40 countries. His principles were put into practice by the delegates immediately.”

“Both your content and style of presentation make it easy for one to relate your ’Principles of Influence‘ to virtually any business or endeavor.”

“Dr. Cialdini was the top speaker we’ve ever had…in or out of the organization. They loved him.”

 “Dr. Cialdini’s ability to make the science of influence understandable and immediately usable is only exceeded by his contagious knowledge and passion for the subject.”