Gregory Neidert, Ph.D.

Director of Training , INFLUENCE AT WORK®

Dr. Gregory Neidert is the Director of Training, Consulting and Certification for INFLUENCE AT WORK of which Dr. Cialdini, Bobette Gorden & Dr. Neidert are cofounders. He has spent more than 35 years teaching & researching the science of social influence. He specializes in applied research which identifies solutions to remedy large scale social and organizational problems.

In addition, he developed the Core Motives Model of Social Influence. This model helps individuals understand how and when to most effectively employ the Principles of Influence for maximum impact. Dr. Neidert has helped hundreds of client organizations, ranging from Fortune 50 companies across a number of industries to numerous federal, state and municipal government entities to small public and private sector organizations.


 Dr. Neidert received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where he was a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. In his more than 35 years at ASU, he received numerous honors and awards, including Outstanding Professor, Outstanding Faculty, Promoter of Excellence Award, and Research Fellow at the Lincoln Center for Private and Public Sector Ethics.

Clients trained by Dr. Neidert

  • AT&T
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • GSK
  • Kaiser-Permanente
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
  • Infosys
  • Banner Health
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Bayer
  • American Express

See Dr. Gregory Neidert in action.


What Dr. Cialdini Says About Dr. Neidert:

“Dr. Gregory Neidert is a superb consultant, speaker, and trainer on the topic of influence. This is not simply because he understands the topic so well, but also because of his ability to convey that understanding to others in ways that render the material immediately useable.”

– Dr. Robert Cialdini,
New York Times Business Best Seller Author, CEO, and President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

What others say about Dr. Neidert:

— Allen Burnsworth, Primerica Financial Services
— Bas Wouters, Director, Cirino
— Bettina Rey, Senior Manager, People, Rokt
— Bill Strathmann, CEO, Network for Good
— Bob Bingham, President and CEO, Little Gym International
— Cat Lester, Content Producer, Scheduling Institute
— Craig Sherman, Vice President, Big Speak
— Craig Thompson, Human Solutions Canada
— Don Fishel, Vice President – Work Truck Division, Safe Fleet
— George Melton, Retail Sales Manager, Agriliance
— Gloria Payne, Manager, Landacorp
— Harold Pumford, CEO, Assoc of Governmental Risk Pools
— Janet Bartelmay, General Solicitor, Association of American Railroads
— Katheryn W. Heidrich, PhD, CenterPoint Institute
— Mary Dowling, Assistant Director, Newspaper National Network
— Maxine Harvey, Workplace Solutions Manager, Mars Drinks North America
— Rose Sanders, Event Coordinator, Scheduling Institute
— Shirley D., Quebec, Canada

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