Gail Rudolph, CFRE, CMCT

Cialdini Method Certified Trainer®

Gail Rudolph is an Executive Coach, Author and Trainer.  She understands that behavior, human behavior, is the root of all business activity – successes, failures, wins, losses, sales – you name it. Business is a human endeavor: Without mastery of self and a proficiency in understanding how other people communicate and make decisions, we are just guessing.

As a forerunner of innovative training and consulting, Gail is the Founder of Gail Rudolph Collaborative, which leverages scientifically proven, time-tested, and world-respected methods that are both teachable and learnable.

Highly trained in workplace power dynamics, persuasion, diversity and inclusion, generations, leadership, and team development, Gail will help you learn to harness the power of human behavior and persuasion to excel in your pursuits.

You will find working with Gail is an active experience – not passive learning. She will help you and your team take action, surpassing your goals to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Gail helps individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their impact by helping them pivot, change, grow, and move beyond what they’ve previously achieved. An expert on mindset, interpersonal power, and inclusion and diversity, Gail’s mission is to help those who often feel overlooked and under-estimated become positive “agents of change.”


Gail is the author of the book, Power Up Power Down: How to Reclaim Control and Make Every Situation a Win/Win.  Her years as an executive professional maneuvering the power dynamics resulted in an epiphany:  Nobody takes our power.  We give it away.  She has quickly become the go-to expert and her book is a guide on how to harness interpersonal power and create win/win outcomes.

Gail holds a master’s degree in Human Services Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Leadership Certification from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a Value-Based Leadership Expert, Wiley DISC Consultant, and is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). She is an Executive Director on the John Maxwell team and formerly served on John’s President’s Advisory Council. In 2019, Gail traveled with the team as part of a national Transformation Effort to Asuncion, Paraguay to educate government leaders, business executives, and students.

Biggest Influence

There are two individuals who have had a significant impact on my personal and professional journey, John Maxwell and Dr. Robert Cialdini. 

John and his team taught me the importance that influence plays in both our personal and professional lives.  John’s quote, “Leadership is influence,” are words I live by daily.  His mentorship helped me to fully understand how we are all too often standing in our own way.

When I met Dr. Cialdini, it was like finding the “corner puzzle pieces.” All of my learning and knowledge came together. Bob’s teaching and mentorship around the principles helped me to fully understand how interpersonal power, persuasion, and influence fit together – and how effective that combination is. 

From a female perspective, I was able to see how the influence principles integrated with interpersonal power and afford us a choice.  It is all about knowing which persuasion principle and/or power/influence tool to use and how to use them ethically and appropriately. 

Clients trained by Gail

  • Empowering Women in Industry
  • Association of Healthcare Philanthropy
  • Women of Silicon Valley
  • John Muir Health 
  • California Society of Hospital Engineering 

  • California Society of Hospital Engineering

  • Louisiana State University
  • Northwestern University
  • Kainos Home & Training Center 
  • Empowered Living
  • Empowering Women Community
  • San Carlos Chamber of Commence
  • Association of Advancement Services Professionals
  • Grainger Approved Provider
  • University of California

What Dr. Cialdini Says About Gail:

Gail receives very high ratings from workshop audiences. From experience, I know why. Her welcoming presentational style invites participants into the workshop material while her ability to inform—via personally relevant accounts, stories, and examples—delivers the goods. It’s an unbeatable combination.

– Dr. Robert Cialdini,
New York Times Business Best Seller Author, CEO, and President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

What others say about Gail:

— Marta Romero, End Coordinator, John Muir Health Foundation
— Leigh Shughorn, John Muir Health Foundation

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