Christopher Phelps, DMD, CMCT

Cialdini Method Certified Trainer®

Dr. Christopher Phelps is a general dentist, Amazon bestselling author and entrepreneur with an active private practice in Charlotte NC. In his first 7 years of practice he grew the revenue of his practices by a factor of 10X going from 1 practice location to 4 locations. After selling two of those offices for profit, Dr. Phelps focused on maximizing the capacity of his remaining 2 practices and had 2 consecutive years of $1,000,000 revenue growth at each of the two practices, effectively collecting with 2 offices what he had collected when he owned 4 offices. A major part of this success was the Call Tracker ROI and Golden Goose Scheduling programs he developed out of his own marketing needs and issues. With it, he was able to increase his new patient numbers from 60/month to averaging over 300/month; all the while decreasing his marketing expenses by 74%. In addition, Dr. Phelps is a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) and an expert in how to use the science of influence and persuasion to solve the problems in the dental practice.


In 2016 and 2018, Dr. Phelps was selected as the Doctor’s Choice National Dental Award winner. He was nominated and voted on by his fellow dentists and, out of the 6000 dentists nominated across the US, he was the only one to receive this honor.

Biggest Influence

The person who had the most influence on my life was Kathy Kolbe of Kolbe Corp. When I first met Kathy I said: “Hi Kathy, I’m Chris, I’m a Dentist, it’s nice to meet you.” Looking at the results of my Kolbe A assessment test she looked right at me and said: “Chris, I’ll stop you right there. You’re not a Dentist. You’re an entrepreneur who is using dentistry as your vehicle for growth.” This was eye opening and once I stopped fighting this fact and embraced it, everything changed. For my business and all of those other businesses who I have helped influence to be successful.

Clients trained by Dr. Phelps

  • Specialty Dental Offices
  • Stem Cell Centers
  • Shopify

See Christopher Phelps in action.


What Dr. Cialdini Says About Dr. Phelps:

“It’s easy for me to recommend Dr. Chris Phelps highly as a Principles of Persuasion Workshop trainer because I am confident that participants in his workshops will do the same. That is so not just because of his engaging presentational style but also because of a truly impressive ability to link workshop material to specific actions steps that improve participants’ bottom lines.”

– Dr. Robert Cialdini,
New York Times Business Best Seller Author, CEO, and President of INFLUENCE AT WORK

What others say about Dr. Phelps:

— Travis Autor, CEO, Stem Cell Centers
— Dr. Danny Watson, Ash Dental Practice
— Kerry Lyn Shields, The Aurum Group
— Dawn Williams, Financial Coordinator, Old Greenwich Dental Center
— Richard Malek, DMD, The Harmony Dental Group
— Caroline Heidt, DMD, Pequannock Valley Dental Associates
— Erik Fitzgerald, DDS, Evergreen Dental Group
— Chris Enslow, Office Administrator, Clarence St. Dental Group
— Tiana, Finance Coordination, Shannon McCartny, DDS
— Leslie Doerman, RDH, OM, Flint River Dental
— Noelle Hyra, Affiliate Manager, Shopify
— Lisa Curry, DMD, Curry Dental Center
— Jennifer Racanelli, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas
— Dr. Richard Racanelli, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas
— Jansen Donoghue, DMD, Santa Fe Family Dentistry and Orthodontics
— Yasmin Alameddine, Affiliate Program Coordinator, Shopify
— Manta Kori, Co-Owner, Kori & Everhart Advanced Dentistry
— Erin, Business Assistance, Kori and Everhart Advanced Dentistry
— Ashley Carpenter
— Blake Julian
— Patty Smith
— Dr. Michael Ling, Clarence St. Dental Care
— Linda Lakin, VP, AADPA and Dental Consultant
— Mark Luvisotto, DDS, Ontario, Canada

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