J.P. Vanden Boogaard, Regional Vice President, MetLife

“Dan Norris did an exceptional job in helping the audience to more fully understand the science of persuasion, and at the same time helped them to fully understand the psychology behind decision making. He is a true professional with excellent presentation skills and...

Hans Janssen, Denk Producties

“Dr. Cialdini amazed our audience with his immense knowledge on the psychology of persuasion. His presentation style is relaxed, intense and ‘pleasantly confronting’. A brilliant mix! Over 350 managers could not get enough of Dr. Cialdini’s highly interesting...

Dr. Peter B., Walpole, NH

“Three weeks ago my staff and I finished the two-day 16-hour Principles of Persuasion Workshop. Here are some qualitative results since then. No one has left our office without scheduling an appointment with us, NO ONE. Case acceptance is notably increased thanks to...

Application Form For Corporate Trainers

Application Form for Corporate Trainers Name* First Last Email Organization* 1. How long have you been involved in training?* 2. Describe your current job responsibilities.*3. List and provide dates for professional certifications you currently hold.*4. List the...

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