Dr. Cialdini at an Influence Training Workshop

Many sales professionals have excellent instincts about what matters to their prospects and how those motivations tie in with buying decisions. Others rely more on training than instinct, and have developed effective techniques based on scientific research and thousands of closed sales.

Professionals love to have an extra edge, no matter how much experience they already have. Often, that edge comes down to knowing which small changes can lead to the biggest improvements (a concept we explore in our co-authored book, The Small Big: Small Changes That Spark Big Influence).

But, which changes can trigger these disproportionate benefits? The influence training we offer in our Principles of Persuasion (POP®) Workshops revolves around the six principles that Dr. Robert Cialdini first explored in his best-selling book Influence. Our influence training workshops are anchored by scientific research and focus on practical, ethical applications.

No one has spent more time researching the keys to persuasion than Dr. Robert Cialdini, President and CEO of INFLUENCE AT WORK. This workshop was developed to highlight the small, practical, often costless changes that will make the biggest difference to your success. When the science is available, why rely on mere assumptions?

There are numerous ways that influence training can improve effectiveness and productivity for business. One of the best ways to produce lasting change and avoid common influence traps is to attend a workshop with a licensed Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT).

In our two-day POP Workshops, leaders and sales professionals learn how to create and maintain trusted business relationships, avoid bungling critical “moments of power,” and practice the small, strategic changes that yield lasting results. We focus on tracing the connections between scientific findings and the business situations and challenges that come up every day.  Here, each participant walks away with new knowledge, skills and practical experience.

Our public POP Workshops, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, have been invaluable to thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and representatives from companies of all sizes.

We’re trusted by businesses from over the world, including organizations and individuals hailing from The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Guatemala, Poland, Bolivia, New Zealand, Brazil, Israel, China, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Norway.

If a significant number of your team members would benefit from influence training, consider hosting an in-house corporate POP Workshop. Our certified trainers can customize the training and come to you anywhere in the world to conduct a two-day workshop developed by Dr. Cialdini and based on his research.

Included in the cost are proprietary workbooks and learning materials and hands-on help from a highly experienced certified trainer. Participants take part in customized exercises to hone their influence, so they’re able to begin using these skills immediately.

Based on more than fifty years of research, the science of persuasion can help you increase your sales team’s likelihood of getting the “Yes!” with a few ethical, strategic, costless, long-lasting changes.

If you want to give your sales staff additional tools to build and increase their profitable business relationships, and change others’ behavior, this is your opportunity to ethically apply the research developed by the world’s accepted pioneer of The Science of Influence, Dr. Robert Cialdini.

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