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Don’t miss your last chance to learn what your competitors already know!

Attend the LAST Principles of Persuasion Workshop® for 2012 on SEPTEMBER 20th & 21st in PHOENIX/MESA, ARIZONA.

This two-day interactive workshop
, based on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s New York Times Bestseller, Influence, has earned rave reviews. It is full of “eureka moments” and practical and ethical business applications.

These POP Workshops draw participants from near and as far away as India, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Israel, Brazil, Italy, and China. This diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds added to the learning, interaction and applications of the Science of Influence.

Over and over participants say that this is unlike any other training.

This enlightening, energetic and enlightening workshop will be lead by Dr. Gregory Neidert, Director of Training of INFLUENCE AT WORK. He is a walking treasure of the science of influence and an amazing teacher with over 30 years of experience in the subject.

Seating is very limited. Don’t miss out on this unique combination that makes learning actually fun.

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