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When Less is More – The Presenter’s Paradox

                                                                           By Steve Martin, CMCT

It’s often said that it’s the small things in life that can make the difference and so surely this must be the case in business too. As more and more businesses find themselves competing in increasingly cluttered markets where seemingly endless arrays of products and services are vying for attention, the idea of going that extra mile by offering a little bit more than your competitors is a seductive one. It is easy to see why. Adding an extra incentive or feature to your product or proposition could make the difference between winning or losing business.

But are there situations where adding additional information, incentives and features might, rather than strengthen your case, achieve the exact opposite and weaken it?

Put another way, are there occasions when less is more?

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Last Workshop for 2012

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This enlightening, energetic and enlightening workshop will be lead by Dr. Gregory Neidert, Director of Training of INFLUENCE AT WORK.  He is a walking treasure of the science of influence and an amazing teacher with over 30 years of experience in the subject.

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