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The success of leaders, executives, managers, and salespeople is measured by their ability to accomplish goals. Those goals are met, more often than not, by reasoning, persuading and inspiring others to share a vision and pursue a common purpose. We live in a world where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous. How successful you are in your professional and personal life depends on your ability to influence others.

INFLUENCE AT WORK (IAW) is pleased to offer you and your employees training on Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion in several formats—live in-person or online or on-demand.

Skills You Can Use in Every Aspect of Your Life

We help you discover:

How to implement small, inexpensive changes for BIG impact

How to ethically apply the Principles of Persuasion in business

What you can immediately change to be more persuasive in business and life

A Variety of Training Options

In-person or online, and real time or self-paced

In-House/Corporate Principles of Persuasion (POP)® Workshops– Offered in-person and streaming

This training is for groups only.

Based on his pioneering book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, this instructor-led workshop demonstrates how to ethically and effectively apply Dr. Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion to produce lasting change and avoid common influence traps. In this very interactive, fast-paced program, participants will learn information that is powerful, science-based, ethical and leverages small, inexpensive changes for big effects–and have the opportunity to apply it toward their own current influence challenges.
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Public Principles of Persuasion Workshops

This training is open to the public.

Held only once per year for a limited number of people, the open-to-the-public POP Workshop© is a cornerstone for any individual serious about effectively increasing their influence and improving productivity. This workshop will help you implement small, inexpensive changes for big impact and apply these principles toward your own current influence challenges.
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