nature International weekly journal of science
In its rarely offered IN RETROSPECT section, the prestigious scientific journal, Nature, recently reviewed the book Influence, labeling it “Robert Cialdini’s revolutionary treatise on the science of decision-making.”  That Nature would choose to provide an assessment of the still-popular Influence is extraordinary in that its IN RETROSPECT reviews are typically reserved for books of major intellectual importance within the long and larger history of science.  The review states that “Influence has made the nuances of decision-making accessible to a broad audience, and research in that field has since flourished” and that “The influence of Influence will continue as we incorporate ideas that complement the traditional economic view into science and into policy approaches. Cialdini’s legacy is a key starting point for many of us who work on these issues.”  Needless to say, we at INFLUENCE AT WORK are extremely gratified by such an appraisal, as the material of Influence serves as the foundation of our programs.

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