CMCT Testimonials

“Attending the Cialdini Method Certification Training was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. The preparation and training I received was second to none. It allowed me to successfully implement the Principles of Persuasion course into my company’s culture – as well as those of my clients — leading to significant increases in productivity and profitability. Being able to expose so many others to this powerful psychology has dramatically improved our ability to ethically influence customers, positively achieve organizational outcomes, and to effectively coach employee behavior.

Not to downplay the great results I just mentioned, but I must admit I gained much more from the CMCT certification process. I received very thorough and thoughtful coaching from Dr. Robert Cialdini, Dr. Greg Neidert, and the other professional IAW® staff. Their feedback was tailored to my individual needs which helped me better understand the intricacies of this innovative science. Unlike other certifications I’ve experienced, the IAW team has been available to answer questions, provide support, and to keep me updated on the latest research. I know firsthand how difficult it is to gain the CMCT certification–as of this writing, I am only one of thirty CMCTs in the world. I encourage anyone who recognizes the vast potential of this powerful science to go through the stringent screening process and enroll. Thank you INFLUENCE AT WORK – you have helped me grow professionally. I would have been willing to pay triple the certification cost if I knew then what I know now!”

– Dan Norris, CMCT
Holt Development Services
San Antonio, Texas

“Dr. Neidert, in the presence of Dr. Cialdini and the staff from IAW, gave me the confidence to facilitate the POP workshop® on my own. Learning from the other CMCT participants was important as well. The quality of the certification class is greatly enhanced with the written test. This CMCT course is unlike other certifications I have gone through. The potential CMCT must be familiar, not just with the materials, but also must learn to facilitate the workshop to engage the participants.

The staff at IAW was very supportive and that gave a lot of encouragement to complete the CMCT process which culminated in the actual audit of a live POP workshop®. I must say the CMCT audit has been thorough. You really feel a great sense of achievement after all the hard work you have put in. You will treasure every moment of it. What a journey it has been!”

– CK Khoo, CMCT
Kairos Performing Learning
Penang, Malaysia

“The key reward of being the CMCT is this: Not only will you know how to be more influential, but also how to help others to be more influential.

Looking back to my career as consultant and executive coach, CMCT is one of the top three wise decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s the three reasons why you should consider (of course, if you’re qualified!) to be the CMCT. First, you spend a week with “the worlds most influential figure in the area of influence, Dr. Cialdini, and he will personally provide you insights you will keep for the rest of your life. Second, the CMCT process is not just a week’s intensive training in Tempe. It really starts once you leave Tempe. For example, I quite like the audit process. After the CMCT training in Arizona, when I held the first POP® session in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Neidert visited Seoul, and spent time together to prepare and review the each and every element of the POP workshop®. After that, Dr. Neidert becomes your personal counselor and friend. Third, most importantly, becoming a family member of IAW! Once you arrive in Tempe for the CMCT, even before the CMCT session starts, you will start to feel how warmly IAW staffs take care of you. The best part of IAW members? They really show how to live the principles of influence!”

– Hoh Kim, CMCT
Seoul, South Korea

“The CMCT program is demanding. It raised the bar for me as a professional educator and facilitator. I am credible in front of any audience with principles of persuasion – corporate or academic. The audit of my first POP workshop® was intimidating, but worth it. I still refer back to the notes I took from the audit before delivering a POP workshop®.”

– Drew Boyd, CMCT
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

“The CMCT process is very worthwhile for several reasons. Most importantly, because of the time spent with Dr. Cialdini, Dr. Neidert and the amazing IAW staff. Where else will you get to hone your persuasion skills in front of the world’s foremost expert in influence? In addition to that, getting to know the other CMCTs in your class will prove helpful down the road because you’ll remain in close contact with many. If the opportunity to obtain your CMCT presents itself I highly recommend you take it!”

– Brian Ahearn, CMCT
State Auto Insurance
Columbus, Ohio

“The CMCT certification process was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. Bob and Greg as well as the IAW staff took a personal interest in ensuring that I was prepared to present my first Principles of Persuasion session at Kaiser Permanente. The audit process was challenging, but Greg supported me every step of the way. He made himself available numerous times before my session to help me prepare and hone my presentation. He provided background and keen insights into the studies and concepts that made participant learning richer and more compelling. Greg is a fabulous coach and I look forward to working with him again as I prepare for my next POPs.”

– Deborah Hixson, CMCT
Kaiser Permanente
Rockville, Maryland

“Becoming a CMCT is to be welcomed into a community of enthusiastic and competent people who care passionately about your success in sharing the science of influence with others. Dr Greg Neidert was my CMCT auditor. Having him in the back of the room while doing my first POP® was to have someone with the wisdom of a sage and the compassion of a friend, who encouraged me to jump over the high performance bar he set for successful certification. It is common to say but it is true – it is about the people. From first being considered as a CMCT to the ongoing support of the IAW staff after certification, I have felt welcomed as part of the fold. It is a privilege to be part of this small and impactful community of influence practitioners.”

– Jim Kockalka, CMCT
OnCourse International
Tampa, Florida

“The certification process–quite literally–was the opportunity to learn from the Masters. In an intense and intimate setting, knowledge is shared, questions are asked and answered and then you realize: “Bob Cialdini, the author of one of the top business books ever written, is personally dedicating himself to helping me advance to a new level of understanding and service.” It’s an incredible and powerful experience.

The audit process is equally impressive. In a safe and nurturing environment, Dr. Gregory Neidert provides real-time feedback that enhances both confidence and effectiveness. His critique provides an immediate opportunity to trial new options and techniques that boost the audience’s energy, engagement and attention. Dr. Neidert’s singular motivation is to help you become the most credible and powerful communicator possible.”

– Jim Epperson, CMCT
Dallas, Texas

“I went to the CMCT certification class in Phoenix, Arizona- January 2007, with Dr. Cialdini and Dr. Neidert and the IAW team and was met by a highly professional and friendly atmosphere. I must say that it is the best and most profitable training I have ever been through. During the last four years it has been a joy bringing this knowledge to organizations in Scandinavia and having such professional business partners. I had my audit with Dr .Neidert in Stockholm in March 2007 and not only enjoyed the process but also the continued supervision from him. Being a CMCT has enriched my professional and private life in a profound ways. I am eternally grateful to the IAW team.”

– Cathrine Moestue, CMCT
AFF Leadership Development
Oslo, Norway

“I received my CMCT certification in 2008. Since that time, I have conducted training for sales representatives, sales managers and marketing professionals. In every instance, feedback from attendees has been exceptional. The training you will receive as a CMCT will put you in an elite group of influence trainers who are recognized world-wide. If you want to receive the best influence training available, INFLUENCE AT WORK and the CMCT certification is the only option available to help you reach your goal.”

– Richard Johnson, CMCT
Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Summerville, South Carolina

“As a professional trainer and former Divisional President of the Australian Institute of Training and Development, I am only too aware of the varying standards in training delivery and certification processes. In my opinion, the CMCT program is one of the most rigorous and professionally run programs I have had the pleasure of attending. To be a CMCT requires commitment, initiative and an exemplary standard of knowledge and performance. For many, this may be a daunting prospect. But through every step I was supported, encouraged and mentored by some of the greatest minds in influence. Rarely is the opportunity available to train with one expert in an intimate master class environment, but IAW provides the opportunity for a week long experience with two of the most articulate and passionate minds in the field of social influence, Drs Cialdini and Neidert.

The other aspect of the program that elevates it to elite standard is that attendance is no guarantee of being earning the certification. For me this is critical. It means the standards across all CMCT’s is beyond reproach. Building the brand and a network of knowledgeable others who are able to be accessed for support, advice and friendship is critical.

I would recommend the CMCT program to anyone who is passionate about the field of influence and investing in others by providing cutting edge, ethical and scientifically proven training. The program does take time, effort and ongoing commitment, but the rewards are enormous. It is one of the best business and personal decisions I have ever made.”

– Anthony McLean, CMCT
New Intelligence
Canberra, Australia

“Thank you for a unique and in depth T3 class. I especially enjoyed interacting with such diverse, enthusiastic colleagues. Getting insights into the science directly from Dr. Cialdini was invaluable.”

– Stella Collins, MSc, FITOL
Stellar Learning

“Our recent London CMCT class was one of the best experiences not just in learning how to do the program but also watch Dr. Cialdini in action and sharing anecdotes. The ability to meet other trainers was also a great opportunity.”

– Pradeep Chakravarthy
Infosys Leadership Institute

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