CMCT Certification

Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) Designation

The CMCT designation symbolizes that Dr. Robert Cialdini has approved and endorsed these trainers to teach his POP Workshop® which represents over 30 years of proven and published field and laboratory science. This approval indicates that only these trainers are able to combine the science and the ethical approach to maximize the long-term effectiveness of this workshop.

Anthony McLean, CMCT
Canberra, Australia

Anthony McLean, CMCT
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Only CMCTs are authorized to teach the Principles of Persuasion (POP)® Workshop. And, only after a trainer has passed the practice teaching, the written test, and the audited POP® can they earn their CMCT designation, teach the POP® and purchase the required POP® student sets. Only after meeting and maintaining all the requirements can the CMCT be featured on the INFLUENCE AT WORK (IAW®) website, be provided a customized POP® e-brochure, be updated on the newest research and be recommended for additional business.

The CMCT process is a train-the-trainer program specifically for experienced corporate and independent trainers who are committed to teaching Dr. Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion (POP)® Workshop to existing and new clients.

Earning the CMCT designation has four major components.

1. The application process – After an informational conversation with the IAW office, the CMCT applicant will need to complete a the Cialdini Certification Readiness Quiz requiring some basic information. Upon acceptance of the form, a more detailed CMCT Application will need to be completed. IAW is looking for a good fit so we all can have a win-win-win situation. 

Penang, Malaysia

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2. Before an applicant is accepted, they must participate in either a corporate or public POP® . This assures a much better train-the-trainer experience and a much better POP® experience for future CMCTs.

3. If accepted into the CMCT program, the four-day train-the-trainer class is led by Dr. Cialdini and the IAW Director of Training, Dr. Gregory Neidert. The four day CMCT class has a maximum of six students to ensure the greatest learning and personalized attention. Many more people apply than are accepted, so preparation is very important. This CMCT class is held in January in Arizona. 

Here, Dr. Cialdini presents the material with his own insights and why the material is sequenced in the way. He discussed the scientific research supporting the material and how it relates to business. Additionally, he explores what constitutes the ethical approach and why he only stresses that approach. Dr. Cialdini also discusses possible misconceptions and how to clarify these possibilities for POP® participants. Moreover, Dr. Cialdini leads a discussion on the rationale behind the structure of the presentation, exampfles and illustrations from both the field and the laboratory research.

Leonardo D’Urso, CMCT
Rome, Italy

Leonardo D’Urso, CMCT
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Dr. Neidert discusses the POP® protocol, how to best set-up, execute and debrief the exercises for maximum learning. He also explains the possible pit-falls in teaching the POP® and how to avoid them. Dr. Neidert stresses how to expand the learning while accelerating the skill development. He also helps CMCT students prepare for the practice teaching that happens on day 2 and day 3 and the written exam which takes place on day 4 of this course. In addition, Dr. Neidert discusses the Rights and Responsibilities of maintaining the CMCT designation. Both Dr. Cialdini and Dr. Neidert evaluate, debrief and offer suggestions to each CMCT student after every practice teaching module they present. Both Dr. Cialdini and Dr. Neidert grade the written test as well.

4. The purpose of the final step in the certification is to help the CMCT student ensure that he or she is extremely well prepared and equipped to teach the POP® , handle participant questions, and represent the POP Workshop® accurately and ethically.

Juanita Perrin, CMCT
Irving, Texas

Juanita Perrin, CMCT
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This final, yet vital step in the CMCT process, is arranging for, scheduling, preparing for and teaching the first POP® to be audited. We suggest that this is done for existing clients. After scheduling, Dr. Neidert will personally coach the CMCT student and help them prepare themselves in a timely manner to be ready to teach the entire POP® themselves. Dr. Neidert will even arrive early the previous day, if arranged for, to help practice teach with the CMCT student. Dr. Neidert will then debrief the CMCT student in every break, at every meal and at the end of each day to help reinforce the lessons and help correct any problems that might arise. 

To date, IAW has CMCTs from nine different countries including the following:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • England
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Norway
  • South Korea
  • The Netherlands

Only those experienced trainers who have completed and passed this intense, yet rewarding, program (see listing) are officially sanctioned to hold the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) Certification and teach the Principles of Persuasion (POP)® Workshop.



For more information on the certification, take our Cialdini Certification Readiniess Quiz.

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“Dr. Cialdini held our audience ‘spellbound’ for hours. His advice was both strategic and practical, and was geared perfectly for our audience from about 40 countries. His principles were put into practice by the delegates immediately.”
CATHY KERNEN, Global Director of Product PR, AstraZeneca Alderley Park, UK

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