Committed unreservedly to providing excellent client service and support, the INFLUENCE AT WORK team is integral to the success of the organization. Professionalism, courtesy and knowledge are the hallmarks of their dynamic approach:

Chris Cibbarelli

Sales Director, INFLUENCE AT WORK®

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An IAW® associate since 2002, Chris Cibbarelli is known by her clients as a “business partner” and a proven resource when it comes to successful programs. Chris joined IAW with rich experience in customer management. Besides being named multiple times to the President’s Club, Chris developed a strong following because of her energy, insightfulness, magnetic joy and customer-oriented approach.

Raised in Nebraska and Arizona, Chris has spent a good portion of her life doing exactly what she wants; helping people reach their goals. If asked, the favorite part of her day is interacting with a wide variety of clients; whether emailing a client in Dubai or teleconferencing with a trainer in Australia, she is happiest getting to know someone who is new to Dr. Cialdini’s research. At home, Chris shares her life with her husband, Shawn, her young son, Cayman, and her two Boston Terriers, Bond and Deuce. She enjoys traveling to tropical destinations, although does not like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain!

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow – ISRAEL “IZ” KAMAKWIWO

It Had to be You – TONY BENNETT


Eily VanderMeer  

Director of Client Services, INFLUENCE AT WORK®

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Eily VanderMeer worked for IAW from 2004 to 2006 as a sales and administrative associate and upon graduation from ASU, with a BA in Anthropology, took two years off to participate in archaeological fieldwork. She joins us again in 2008 as our Director of Client Services. In her free time she enjoys watching Harry Potter movies, playing Warhammer, listening to heavy metal and spending time with her husband, Ben, and pampering her little dog, Simon.  

Driveway Songs:

The Trooper – IRON MAIDEN

I Want it All – QUEEN




Jandy Hughes, CPA

Jandy Hughes, CPA has been working with INFLUENCE AT WORK for over four years. If money is involved, Jandy’s got her mark on it. Jandy has been a CPA for over 20 years, working in the public accounting, retail and fashion industries. Jandy is an avid golfer and dancer, though not at the same time. Jandy is originally from York, PA and currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ.






Noah Goldstein, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant and Inside Influence Report Lead Writer, INFLUENCE AT WORK®

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Dr. Noah J. Goldstein is a faculty member at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Dr. Goldstein’s academic research and writing have been published in many of the premier scholarly outlets in psychology and business, including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. His research has been featured in numerous media outlets, including New York Times, NPR’s Marketplace and the Harvard Business Review 2009 List of Breakthrough Ideas.

Dr. Goldstein is co-author with Robert Cialdini of the New York Times best-seller Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. The book is devoted to the psychology of persuasion and to prescribing persuasion strategies that are both ethical and scientifically proven to be effective. The strategies discussed in this book can easily be applied by almost anyone in almost any field, including sales, marketing, negotiation, management, patient care, policy, and parenting.

Additionally, Dr. Goldstein has worked with a number of private and public institutions, including Accenture, the United States Forest Service, United States Census Bureau, and Google.


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MARK JONES, Main Platform Chair, Million Dollar Round Table

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