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“Anybody writing about persuasion and influence today stands on Cialdini’s shoulders.  If you’ve got time for only one book, this is it.”

 – Daniel Pink,

“Dr. Cialdini amazed our audience with his immense knowledge on the psychology of persuasion. His presentation style is relaxed, intense and ‘pleasantly confronting’. A brilliant mix! Over 350 managers could not get enough of Dr. Cialdini’s highly interesting lectures. After his last talk, he received a standing ovation, which is very rare in Holland. It was a sign of deep appreciation for his contribution to the success of the day.”

– Hans Janssen,
Denk Producties

“Dr. Cialdini’s program at the Training Leadership Summit was most impressive. His passion for translating science into ethical business actions gave these industry leaders powerful tools to use immediately. This program is a must for those serious about effective ethical influence.“

 Julies Groshens,
Nielsen Business Media

“Not only was his lecture and the subsequent discussion fascinating but for weeks afterwards I heard people her and elsewhere referring to his insights and examples. My sense is also that Robert’s work is

being taken very seriously in Government so I hope that his research will come in time to be more fully reflected in public policy.” 

 Matthew Taylor,
The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts,
Manufactures and Commerce London, England

“This program will help executives make better decisions and use their influence wisely… Robert Cialdini has had a greater impact on my thinking on this topic than any other scientist… The best popular book that 

demonstrates six or eight ways in which the quirks of your own mind will frequently prove dysfunctional to your best interests is Cialdini’s Influence.”

– Charles T. Munger,
Vice Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

“Both your content and style of presentation make it easy for one to relate your ’Principles of Influence‘ to virtually any business or endeavor.”

– John M. Thompson,
Vice President, Merrill Lynch

“Dr. Cialdini was the top speaker we’ve ever had… in or out of the organization. They loved him.”

– Jennifer L. Botelho,

“Bob Cialdini was the top scoring speaker at our Financial Advisers Conference, where some awarded him scores above the maximum. Additionally, he was at the top of the speakers of 

the European Annual Meeting. Bob’s ability to bring together fundamental behaviours of vital importance, with the logic and scientific evidence that support his concepts, made the presentations particularly powerful. He presented in an attractive and entertaining way that held the interest of the audiences throughout in both conferences.”

– Colin Kelsey,
General Manager, LIMRA Europe & Africa

“Bob Cialdini is the most brilliant student of influence and negotiation I’ve encountered. If everything were on the line in a negotiation, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have advising me.”

 Tom Peters,
The Tom Peters Group

“I want to express my appreciation for your excellent presentation at The Forum on Executive Decision Making and Influence… the audience was composed entirely of senior executives from major 

 U.S. and Canadian companies… The evaluations were in the ’excellent‘ range and you received more mentions as ’The part of the program I liked most‘ than any other speaker — quite an accomplishment given the competition!”

– Sherman Roberts,
Director of Executive Seminars,
John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University

“The Training Directors’ Forum is the third event Robert Cialdini has keynoted for us and each time he has done an outstanding job—providing ethical and actionable information on the ‘Science of Influence’ that 

 our participants can immediately apply in their work.”

 Julies Groshens,
Conference Program Director,
VNU Inc, Training Directors’ Forum

“We’ve known for years that people buy based on emotions and justify their buying decision based on logic. Dr. Cialdini was able, in a lucid and cogent manner, to tell us why this happens. Our agents are now better 

 positioned to influence their clients—in an ethical manner—to make better buying decisions. We could not be happier with his presentation.”

– Mark Blackburn,
Sr. Vice President, Director of Insurance Operations,
State Auto Insurance Companies

“The message given in your presentation is just what our people needed to confirm that the psychology of influence can be learned… If these messages are applied, then our objective of 

 creating a more successful business will have been met.”

– A.M. McIntosh,
IBM United Kingdom International Products Limited

“Robert Cialdini, through his intensive research, has clearly shown that it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of persuasion to bring about amazingly positive results.”

– Pratap Nambiar,
Regional Executive Partner,
KPMG Global Markets Asia Pacific

“After Dr. Cialdini’s program, the noise of praise was almost deafening.”

– Eric Snyder, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Shea Homes

“The presentation was perfect. The audience was intrigued with what Dr. Cialdini had to say. He was most effective.”

– Annette Hopgood,
Georgia Department of Education

“Dr. Cialdini’s book was the foundation for much of what we spearheaded in the FBI that moved professional negotiators towards becoming crisis interveners. We copied very heavily from Cialdini’s book. We looked at ways people gain influence with another and it is all about relationship building, earning trust and demonstrating a genuine interest in their issues and concerns.”

– Gary Noesner,
FBI Negotiator & Author

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