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Beyond Penn State – A Hero’s Approach

Penn state imageBy Bobette Gorden

With the recent exposure of Penn State’s debacle, we were all reminded of the way some of the most innocent among us are treated.  The idea that such innocents can be preyed upon by our neighbors, friends and even coaches is fightening.  Almost just as frightening is the way these prediators are allowed to continue, even after they have been discovered.  There have been many discussions about the reasons why those who knew about some of the Penn State child abuse episodes did not come forward….did not stop it.  But I think an even more intersting topic is how can each of us ensure that we do not do the same thing in similar situations.  How can each of us be…a hero.


Dr. Phil Zimbardo, one of the world’s great Social Psycholigists and president of the Heroic Imagination Project has spent years uncovering what makes people more prone to act heroically.  This is a fascinating, deceptively easy and potentially life-changing approach. But it all starts with the individual.  Yes, each of us can be that person who saves a child, makes that split-second decision and prevents tragedy.  I urge you to join me and million of others to discover how you can make a difference.  You do
n’t have to be rich or big to be powerful.  Take The Hero Challenge…for the good of us all.

Will the Home Field Advantage Help You Hit an Influence Home Run?

Home_fieldIn nearly every sport, teams that play in their own stadium or ballpark tend to have a significant edge over their visiting opponents (Courneya & Carron, 1992). But does this “home field advantage” extend to other aspects of life, such as our ability to influence others?

Researchers Graham Brown and Markus Baer wanted to find out if there is a “home field advantage” when it comes to influence in negotiations. They hypothesized that the location of a face-to-face negotiation would give an edge to those negotiating in their “home territory.” They recruited pairs of participants to take part in a simulated negotiation over the price of an annual supply contract, where participants were randomly assigned to act as the buyer or the seller. The buyers wanted the lowest price possible, of course, whereas the sellers wanted just the opposite. 

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About Madoff & 60 Minutes

FraudBecause of Sunday’s big 60 Minutes interview with the Madoff family, we’ve received a number of requests to reprise the article written by Dr. Cialdini entitled: You don’t have to be a Dupe to be Duped: Lessons from the Madoff Affair.

These are good lessons for us all. Click here to read Dr. Cialdini’s article.

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