Principles of Persuasion (POP) Training Testimonials

“This workshop was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of the Principles and their application. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.”

– George D. Spedding, Vice President Claims, Nationwide E&S Specialty

“This program did a great job providing actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. I know how I will implement the concepts because I already did it in the class!”

– Allen Lloyd, Sr. Manager Board & Executive Operations, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

“Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend the POP Workshop to anyone that is interested in improving their relationships and in growing their business opportunities.”

– Rich D’Aloisio – President – InterLink Engineering

“This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately!”

– Denise Ison-Miller, CAE, Director, Manager Relationships, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

“Professionals have to reinvent themselves multiple times throughout their careers. If you find yourself at a time like this, the INFLUENCE AT WORK POP Workshop is a “MUST-DO”. If you don’t need to reinvent yourself, it’s still a “MUST-DO”!

– Mark Polkinghorn – Finishing Technology, Inc

“Anyone and everyone can benefit from the Principles of Persuasion Workshop.”

– Natalie Tauzin – Spokane Regional Health District

“The information and acquired skills learned in this workshop will greatly help me achieve my goals in work and my personal life.”

– John Hills – Signal Technologies

“Dr. Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion provides a fantastic framework to impact and apply ethical ways to influence for success in personal influential situations.”

– Prabhakar Goplan – PG Consulting

“Thank you so much for a great learning experience. I most appreciated the quiet time that we used prior to assessing our spheres of influence and how to use them. I also appreciated the scientific approach to using these principles.”

– Fred Warmbier – Finishing Technology Inc

“This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both my professional and personal life. Great stuff!”

 – Celestia International

“Excellent class! Help you realize the many ways influence can make you more effective in your organization and all your personal relationships. “

 – Gary McAuliffe, Manager, Nationwide E&S/Specialty

“The seminar exceeded my expectations! I not only learned the principles but how to apply them to my business to make an immediate impact. I would enthusiastically recommend this seminar to anyone that wants to get to “yes” (ethically, of course!)”

 – Leadline

“This was a very insightful experience. The principles are powerful ways to understand influence. By applying these principles to our different situations, the results can be very impactful.”

– Enterprise Rent A Car

A great success! Our sales representatives left not only with new information, but ways to apply it immediately.

– Teva Neuroscience

“The session surpassed my expectations! Lots of great data to solidify concepts, engaging facilitator, and easy to follow concepts…what more could you ask for!?!”

– Bleitner Consulting Services

“The Principles of Persuasion Workshop is an immediate return on investment. The information presented is grounded in a sound body of evidence and can be seamlessly integrated into sales and marketing strategies. In today’s competitive environment, anyone who has not mastered these principles will find themselves at a significant disadvantage.”

– Bristol-Myers Squibb

“The workshop gives the attendee a systematic framework to understand and apply the persuasion principles. Research hot off the press was presented as well as years of peer-reviewed social psychological scientific studies.”

– DeVry University

“What a great two days. Having read Dr. Cialdini’s book a few years earlier I thought I was using the principles well. Participating in the workshop showed me subtle (yet very powerful) ways to put the principles into action in different ways to create amazing results in our marketing. We’ve already seen an increase in results and we’re enjoying implementing our Action Plan. The instruction was informative, but the interaction and input from other business people attending made the experience even richer.”

– Rich Dads Seminars

“This POP Workshop is a valuable investment in time, money and effort. It will certainly achieve successful financial, personal, and business goals. It’s a very powerful and sensible approach to achieving future superior results.”

– Motorola

“Excellent presentation; involvement of all delegates; fast running pace; particularly linking to the persuasion principles.”

–  Pfizer

“The thing that struck me the most was the number of opportunities we have to influence others. Without your class, I would have never known that I personally have squandered many chances to influence people to my advantage.”

– Holt Caterpillar

“This workshop was beyond my expectations. These 6 principles have opened my eyes on how to be effective and ethical! Looking forward to putting these 6 influences into practice. Thanks again.”

– John Hall & Associates Real Estate

“I appreciated getting this hands-on practice to bring these applications to use.”

– Phillips Semiconductor

“If you lead organizations, not knowing this material it will cost you.”

– ROI Dynamics

“I was recommended to take this course by a friend and I would do the same. I feel that everyone would benefit from this course.”

– AstraZeneca

“This class provides a new way of thinking when approaching new or difficult situations – with great supporting tools & resources.”

– CIGNA Corp.

“The skills learned in this workshop will make a good attorney or negotiator great! I highly recommend this workshop and look forward to putting these skills to use.”

– BAR/BRI Bar Review

“I have been enlightened to the science of persuasion that captures the ethical principles of influence. What a joy it is to understand how I can put these principles into effect for the benefit of myself and my customers. Anyone who will take the knowledge of the six principles will be successful only if they will put them into action, everyday.”

– Best Western International

“I learned quite a bit in this seminar. In fact, while on break the second day I employed some of the principles and closed a great deal on my cell phone! The techniques are easy to understand and use, I wish I would have learned this a long time ago. An outstanding tool! These principles make selling ‘predictable’.”

– D&L Technologies

“The class was excellent. The students were totally engaged and the materials offered substantiated their learning. What I also found was current, scientific insights into what causes people to change. The six fundamental Principles of Persuasion are learned and reinforced with an exercise that brings everything together. I am using INFLUENCE AT WORK every day and believe this is one of the most critical skills for a successful dealer/sales person. The real meat behind Principles of Persuasion is that if done correctly it is a high ethical way of doing business or conducting yourself in every aspect of life. I highly recommend this class to anyone in a leadership position or a customer contact position.”

– Caterpillar University

“I now have the tools to be both effective and ethical…and now I know WHY. This program on the Principles of Persuasion was a must! I thought that I knew how to sell, but now I know how to sell. Thanks for giving me the science!”

– America’s Destination

“The Principles of Persuasion Workshop provides valuable tools for success in solving the real problems in every kind of work or profession!”

– Tucson Police Department

“The POP Workshop has given me the start I needed to better grasp the principles. Anyone in any occupation or profession will benefit from this workshop.”


“Our management team has realized the power of the principles of influence with fans, the media, our staff, and even operations with the players. For example, I personally use reciprocity and consistent commitments by thanking others for work they’ve recently completed and by asking them questions about how they think we should tackle issues. Compared to my prior tendency to “cut to the chase,” I’ve found people are significantly more responsive and agreeable. Small changes do make big differences…and since your work with us, I think through situations to make sure I use this science to set the right tone for an agreement.”

– San Antonio Spurs

“The principles are very easy to use and they occur in everyday work. The science proves that if we employ them, we will be more influential. The information we received in the POP will help us to construct better strategies with our owners and assist us with aiding them in driving their businesses.”

– Little Gym International

“Our people have had a lot of different training classes, but this one is different. The six principles of influence appear to be simple, but the more we learned, the more we realized that this course is really a tight little system that allows us to think in different ways. This Principles of Persuasion course was excellent for our Senior Managers, customer service directors and sales people. We saw a measurable difference right away. The only problem is now the word has spread and everyone wants it.”

– CIGNA Healthcare

“Having pre-read the book and used the principles, I wanted to take it to the next level. The education given in this two-day workshop is invaluable to anyone who seeks it.”

– BMC Instrument Service, Inc

“The skills I learned during the workshop will certainly help me be more effective in my job and more valuable to my company. I really enjoyed the presentation style and the use of group collaboration to better understand the principles.”

– Best Western International

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone truly committed to investing in themselves and improving their communication and presentation skills.”

– KB Home

“The workshop provides an ethical methodology to influence others that will help in problem resolution and finding the best way to solve an issue.”

– Amerisure Insurance Company

“I truly learned a lot through this workshop and enjoyed it as well. I will apply these principles in my business immediately. I know this workshop will be very popular in Japan.”

– Office Skyhigh Japan

“With the courses content, research, and opportunity to practice; I believe it to be a lethal combination. The icing on the cake is the fact that the course insists upon the ETHICAL use of influencing. Great Work.”

– Capital One Services, Inc.

“This ‘Principles of Persuasion’ program has been the single most valuable and powerful decision shaping tool I have encountered in my recent career. The simplicity yet depth of this pithy science has enabled me to create massive upside leverage in every situation whether it is driving more sales revenue or marketing for my clients. I intend to make the principles learned an integrated part of my influence arsenal and use it with integrity as a force for good.”

– High Velocity, Inc.

“One of the most valuable new pieces of information in the field of mediation work, more than anything else that I have seen in the marketplace. These principles are backed up by science and taught in ways that have practical application to everyday usage in the mediation process. These principles will result in better, more effective outcome with more satisfied clients. What a win-win discovery.”

– Advanced Mediation Services

“I have participated in many high-quality programs, but this one was immediately useful. Additionally, I found that these principles have important relevance across many facets of our business.”

– Kronos Optimal Health

“The class was excellent. The students were totally engaged and the materials offered substantiated their learning. I highly recommend this class to anyone in leadership or a customer contact position.”

– Butler Machinery

“Finally a language everyone can understand and a simple process to drive planned results.”

– Flint Energy Services LTD

“Wanting to become a Master Persuader? Take this scientifically data-based training. If you want to lose your money and time, keep taking other Persuasion Trainings out there!”


“It is very valuable to have a workshop focus on a difficult subject turned into simple principles that can be used immediately. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

– Glenn R. Foreman DDS LTD 

“… (These principles) are now a conscience part of my mental toolkit. I will use them to actively plan future approaches in a more effective manner. Thank you!”

– British Telecom

“POP integrates the science and practice of these influence processes by invoking every learner in knowledge acquisition and practice. By workshop end, everyone has become fluent in the language of influence and can solve advanced persuasion challenges.”

– Talent DNA

 “Integrating the science of influence into the business represented in this workshop will undoubtedly yield improved production and profitability. We have integrated the POP course into our values-based organizational culture and have very high expectations for powerful outcomes.”

– Holt Development Services, Inc.

“Because the basis for the pharmaceutical industry is the scientific method, the Cialdini method is acutely important. Just as we do in our research, Dr. Cialdini has rigorous scientific evidence to back the utility of his techniques. By ignoring the science of influence, we
a) decrease the probability of influencing physicians to prescribe our medicines
b) blunder opportunities to convince customers to establish price points that allow us to reinvest in the future
c) hurt the likelihood that patients will comply with treatment regimens
d) retard our organizations ability to adapt to the onslaught of attacks from the unfavorable political climate.
We ignore Dr. Cialdini at our folly!”

– Merck

“I just completed another Principles of Persuasion Workshop for Agriliance and Croplan Genetics. The group ranged from the Vice President of Agriliance to the Retail Sales Managers who serve the Heartland Region. The response was predictably outstanding. From our perspective, the Principles of Persuasion approach makes us far better influencers whether we are marketing our equipment programs to our dealer network or coaching field agronomists on how to be better sales people.”

– Agriliance / Croplan Genetics

“I was very impressed with the information that was presented. The data used to back up the training added to the validity of the program. It is something that everyone could relate to. We are using the lessons learned from the training to develop our marketing approach and tactics to grow our business. I really enjoyed it.”


“This POP Workshop may well make the difference in successfully applying principles of persuasion and ethically achieving wise business solutions.”

 – Land O’ Lakes, Inc.

“INFLUENCE AT WORK’s Principles of Persuasion Workshop has practical application in all aspects of business. From interaction with staff and management to interaction with patrons, the POP will help achieve goals quickly and at little or no cost. Incredibly applicable to all.”

– International Entertainment Consultants

“The POP Workshop is an excellent way to learn to apply Dr. Robert Cialdini’s work. There is no better way to internalize the application of his principles of persuasion and apply them to specific business situations.”


“A wonderful combination of content and instruction with great application and real world examples.”

– Widmeyer Communications

“The workshop exceeded all of my expectations. The information and insight I gained as a result of participating will immediately change the way I interact with my team as well as providing me with a unique and effective manner in which to assess a situation and ultimately take action.”

– Prudential Financial

“As a learning & development professional, I was extremely impressed with the design of the POP session. The lecture based on recent research and memorable stories, as well as the practical application in small groups, kept the entire class engaged both days. I appreciated the constant focus on developing an action plan and the ability to vet this plan with other participants and the facilitators on Day 2. I have implemented both of the action plans I came up with in the session – so far so good! As a result of attending the session, I have experienced the success that results from taking the time to plan influencing strategies and the power of leveraging the influence principles.”

– Wells Fargo Private Client Services


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