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Dr. Cialdini Discusses the Benefits of the On Demand ePOP® Workshops

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Your sales team members are already good…but are they good enough? Are they leaving deals on the table? Drive sales to new heights and minimize risks with our new, self-paced, On Demand ePOP Workshops and Executive Coaching which features 23-25 hours of interactive work on the application of your most important sales opportunities.

The On Demand ePOP Workshop and Executive Coaching includes:

  • The new seventh Principle of Persuasion – Unity
  • Self-paced, convenient on-line short learning modules
  • New Cialdini Influence Assessment to make sure your sales professionals are fully proficient before applying to sales prospects
  • Cialdini Executive Coach for one month, 30-minutes a week and unlimited mobile and artificially intelligent coaching to help sell and learn in between sessions with the coach
  • Opportunity to earn the status of Cialdini Certified Practitioner
  • An action plan to address the sales person’s most important influence challenge
Digital Badge for CCP Recognition

Digital Badge for CCP Recognition

The ePop Advantage


You spend millions on sales training but are not sure whether or not the training is sufficiently effective. Some sales people still underperform. You’re not entirely convinced that your sales teams are sufficiently better than your competition, especially for the biggest deals where there is extreme pressure to win.


Your global sales teams can get training built by Dr. Robert Cialdini’s team, and coaching by Cialdini Executive Coaches. Everyone who touches the biggest deals, from sales professionals to business and technical people can use a shared mental model to sell high stakes with the highest odds of success.


Your CEO, COO and peers have great ambitions about your team making it rain. While you’ve invested in developing your team, you are often in the dark and frustrated with not knowing which sales teams are applying all their advanced sales skills to the biggest deals. Even when you’ve provided them sales coaching, you realize that busy sales professionals sometimes forget to apply their new skills in-between sessions with a sales coach.


You have dashboards that show you every team, region and business unit’s progress at applying Cialdini’s methods to every sales deal while they’re being coached. Every sales professional on your team schedules artificially intelligent coaching to remind them to practice and journal. Their private Cialdini Executive Coach monitors their journal and answers questions in-between coaching sessions to make sure nothing is left on the table.


You know that your biggest, most strategic, multi-million dollar deals are complex, multi-stakeholder, multi-month sales processes. The biggest deals require international travel, and the valuable time of multiple levels of employees and management. But you struggle to make sure that your offering is positioned by every business, technical and sales person in its proper perspective, globally.


The On Demand ePOP Workshop and Executive Coaching makes sure that all global learners master Cialdini Principles and pass the Cialdini Influence Assessment before they ever pitch a prospect. Individual, group, and artificially intelligent coaching is available to de-risk the ethical application of these principles to every global deal. Individuals, groups and individual contributors all have a solution at a price that is affordable.

On Demand ePOP® Workshops Include Exclusive New Features:

  • The nine-module training can be completed in segments at your convenience
  • Executive coaching is available for 30 minutes each week from a Cialdini Executive Coach for one month
  • At the end of each module, put your new skills to use with a short, scientifically prepared assessment
  • ePOP is the only training that includes the seventh Principle – Unity
  • More Dr. Cialdini than any training – he appears in videos explaining the Principles of Persuasion

Purchasing an On Demand ePOP® Workshop

This workshop teaches areas of persuasion that are grounded in decades of solid scientific research. Using videos, exercises, and knowledge assessments, the ePOP Workshop explains the seven classic principles of persuasion based in Dr. Cialdini’s research and previous publications, and a new principle we call “Unity”. The workshop also includes instruction on the ethical use of these principles of persuasion and powerful techniques for using the principles without harming relationships with others. Participants will not only learn about the principles, they will also be given regular opportunities to apply that knowledge to real world influence situations. This workshop was designed to give participants a chance to apply skills to the specific persuasion situations that they will face outside of the training.

Full ePOP® Solution, Including Live Streaming Training with Your Personal Cialdini Executive Coach: $5,000 per Learner

Praise for the Instructor-led, On Demand ePOP® Workshops

— R. Craig Wilson, Sr. Vice President, Sales Manager, Northern Trust
— Thermo Fisher Scientific
— Edwin Chan, Account Executive, FedEx
— Glen Larson, President, Genesis Financial Technologies, Inc.
— Craig Smith, Director of Sales, Taiho
— Enterprise Rent-A-Car®

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