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A lot has been going on recently at INFLUENCE AT WORK, and I wanted to provide an update on what’s happening that could affect the extent to which you will be able to benefit from the information we present.


You may have noticed that we have a new look on our website and blog. At the suggestion of Mark Schaefer, we have been working for a number of months with VIEO design to create our new website and blog. The intent is to make it easier for you to find what you want when visiting us and when reading the Inside Influence Report. We are very grateful to both Mark and VIEO design.

Next month, the new Influence graphic novel will be released. Although it is in pictorial format, the dialogue is taken directly from Influence, Science and Practice. Our hope is to employ this genre to reach a younger readership with scientifically-grounded information about how they and those around them can be influenced and changed through the persuasion process.

We have been also working with Jill Schiefelbein who has been masterfully translating our two-day Principles of Persuasion (POP) Workshop into a live online training program. We have been piloting this online extension of the POP for months in order to ensure that we get it right, and we expect to be able to release the new “vPOP” later this year.

As you may know, I have been working on my next major book. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped because, after writing the first three chapters, I returned home from a long trip, reread what I’d done, and threw it all out. Impressed by the successes of deft writers such as Malcolm Gladwell in communicating social science findings to the public, I’d been trying to inform potential readers in the style of a journalist instead of a behavioral scientist. It was a mistake–one that has since pushed me to start all over and to make the kind of renewed progress I’m feeling quite good about.

All of us at IAW want to thank you for your continued interest in the ethical applications of the science of influence. We look forward to hearing from you and to learning how you have been able to use that science in your everyday life.




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