The Principles of Persuasion Workshop® has positively affected many companies like yours. Here is a list of top organizations that have participated in our workshop.

Arizona State University
Arrowhead Credit Union
ASU Public Events
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
AXA Distributors
Bank One
BC Graphics
Berge Ford
Best Western International
Brighten Your Day
British Telecom
Capital One
Carewise Health
Caterpillar, Inc.
Charles Schwab
Chinese University of Hong Kong
CIGNA Healthcare
Cole Companies
Corbett Communications
Cotton, Inc.
Counterpoint Communications
Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Cyclone Commerce
D&L Technologies
David’s Bridal
Digi-Key Corp.
Dixie Foodservice
Edwards Lifesciences
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Remarketing
Envision EMI
Farnsworth Development
Federal Executive Institute
Federal Highway Administration
First American Title Ins. Co.
First Canadian Title
Flint Energy Services Ltd.
Foresight Systems
GCA Strategies
Geib Direct
Green Park Corporation
Hart Resource Development
Heritage House Publishing
Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.
Holder Construction Company
Holt Development Services
Philips Semiconductor
Piranha Marketing
Productivity Solutions
Prudential Finical
Quinnipiac University
Renaissance Learning
Rich Dad Seminars
ROI Dynamics
Royal Canadian Mountain Police
San Antonio Spurs
Shell Global Solutions Int’l
Southern California Grantmakers
State Auto Ins. Co.
State Farm
Steelcase, Inc.
Strachan & Associates
Strategic Meetings, Ltd.
Sutter Health
Tequa Productions
Teva Neuroscience
The Little Gym International
The University of Texas at Austin
Time Value of Money, LP
Tucson Police Department
UK Civil Service
University of Buffalo
University of Hong Kong
University of Quebec
US Coast Guard
US Department of Defense
US Federal Bureau of Investigation
Valent, USA
Wells Fargo
Widmeyer Communications
Wil-Kil Pest Control
Writing With Clarity
Yellow Book USA
You Are Here Media


What You Will Learn

  • The Six Universal Principles of Persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you most effective
  • What are the Activators that will most effectively initiate each Principle
  • What are the Amplifiers that will act as rocket boosters to amplify the effectiveness of each Principle
  • What are the conditions and situations where each Principle works best
  • How to most effectively use these Principles together
  • How to recognize the difference between what the science says and what other guess
  • How to protect yourself and those you want to protect from unethical persuasion
  • How to recognize the most powerful “Moments of Influence”
  • What to say in the most powerful “Moments of Influence”
  • How to use these very powerful tools to help solve your very own influence challenges
  • Which Principles are best for developing trusted relationships
  • Which Principles are best use during times of uncertainty
  • Which Principles are best to use when dealing with people who don’t know you
  • Which Principles are best to use when people don’t like you (not that this would be any of OUR readers)
  • How to recognize and use these Principles ethically
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“The Principles of Ethical Influence, as taught by Bob Cialdini, needs to be a part of every salesperson’s toolkit. What strikes me is not only the simplicity of his message but the power it provides in practice.”
R. CRAIG WILSON, Sr. Vice President, Sales Manager, Northern Trust

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