Gregory Neidert, PhD

Greg“Dr. Neidert is an exceptional leader, communicator and teacher!”

–¬†Craig Thompson, Human Solutions Canada

“Greg is a great instructor that guided the class with an experts touch and skill.”

–¬†Allen Burnsworth, Primerica Financial Services

Dr. Gregory Neidert is an organizational consultant, who is an expert in ameliorating organizational and social traps by using the principles of influence. He deals with management and employees in shaping a working culture that is maximally adaptable to ever changing internal & external organizational environments.

Dr. Gregory Neidert is a highly respected consultant and Professor of Psychology. He is the Director of Training of INFLUENCE AT WORK and spends much of his time coaching and training others on the ethical business applications of the science of influence.

Dr. Neidert received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where he is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. In his more than 30 years at ASU, he has received numerous honors and awards, among which are Outstanding Professor, Outstanding Faculty, Promoter of Excellence Award, Research Fellow at the Lincoln Center for Private & Public Sector Ethics, Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals, etc.

“Dr. Gregory Neidert is a superb consultant, speaker, and trainer on the topic of influence.¬† This is so not simply because he understands the topic so well, but also because of his ability to convey that understanding to others in ways that render the material immediately useable.”

– Dr. Robert Cialdini

Dr. Neidert’s vast listing of clients range from Fortune 100 companies to medium and small size businesses. Motorola, Honeywell, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Zales Corporation, Limited Credit Services, Wisconsin Public Service, Allied Signal, W.W. Grainger, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Arizona Public Service, etc. are only a few of his corporate clients.

“We LOVED LOVED LOVED Greg!¬† Wished we had him all the next day but had quite the productive day ourselves!¬† Ripple effect from Greg, I’m sure!¬† We identify the principles on a daily basis now!¬† I identified many watching sitcoms last night!¬† I have forwarded information to my boss to see if we cannot invite him back to inspire and teach the whole company at our annual Spring meeting.”

 РMary Dowling, Assistant Director, Newspaper National Network

“Greg is the hardest working and most effective consultant I have ever worked with. His presentation style is extremely interactive and as a result our team really began to think “influence” and apply the concepts to our business. Greg’s continued interest in our business along with his feedback and support really sets him apart from other consultants.”

–¬†Gloria Payne, Manager, Landacorp

“Greg Neidert helped us to revamp so our home page would motivate more people to support their favorite charities.¬† The results were spectacular. We have 30% more website visitors converting to donations this year – clear evidence of influence at work.”¬†

– Bill Strathmann, CEO, Network for Good

“AGRIP was extremely pleased with the power of Dr. Neidert’s workshop on The Science of Influence and the Art of Persuasion for our Institute for Leadership and Management.¬† He did a superb job in preparing to understand the very unique organizations represented and in tailoring his presentation for an extremely diverse audience.¬† I am confident that were we to offer this workshop again in the near future, that at least 85% of those executives in attendance would send additional people from their own organization.”¬†

– Harold Pumford, CEO, Assoc of Governmental Risk Pools

“We were really happy with your presentation, and I know that our members walked away with real and immediately applicable information. For the ‘scientists’ in the audience, the research you cited was really valuable too -adding MUCH credibility to the suggestions you made.”¬†

– Katheryn W. Heidrich, Ph.D., CenterPoint Institute

“Dr. Neidert’s session on the Science of Influence was a great blend of well-researched scientific theory and practical business applications.¬† Each of the principles of influence resonated with me and helped me rethink some of the challenges facing my organization.¬† Later with Dr. Neidert’s assistance, we retooled an important advertising message to help increase response rates.”

 РBill Strathmann, CEO, Network for Good

“He’s an incredible teacher and an incredible leader.¬† It has been a life-changing event to work together.¬† He is head and shoulders above anyone else I have ever worked with in the classroom.¬† He’s a natural and people automatically respond to him.¬† He’s exceptional on so many different levels.”

– George Melton, Retail Sales Manager, Agriliance

“Dr. Neidert was engaging and exceptionally knowledgeable.¬† He is extremely well versed on this topic and a great presenter.”¬†

– Bob Bingham, President and CEO, Little Gym International

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"These were two days extremely well spent. This workshop is the perfect mix of theory and practice. Big Ideas and real world application."
Daniel Pink, Author of Drive

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