“The key reward of being the CMCT is this: Not only will you know how to be more influential, but also how to help others to be more influential.

Looking back to my career as a consultant and executive coach, CMCT is one of the top three wise decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s the three reasons why you should consider (of course, if you’re qualified!) to be the CMCT. First, you spend a week with “the world’s most influential figure in the area of influence, Dr. Cialdini, and he will personally provide you insights you will keep for the rest of your life. Second, the CMCT process is not just a week’s intensive training in Tempe. It really starts once you leave Tempe. For example, I quite like the audit process. After the CMCT training in Arizona, when I held the first POP® session in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Neidert visited Seoul and spent time together to prepare and review each and every element of the POP workshop®. After that, Dr. Neidert becomes your personal counselor and friend. Third, most importantly, becoming a family member of IAW! Once you arrive in Tempe for the CMCT, even before the CMCT session starts, you will start to feel how warmly IAW staff take care of you. The best part of IAW members? They really show how to live the principles of influence!”