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“Robert Cialdini is the best expert on Persuasion and Influence in the world..”

– Jose’ Salibi Neto,

“The Principles of Ethical Influence, as taught by Bob Cialdini, needs to be a part of every salesperson’s toolkit. What strikes me is not only the simplicity of his message but the power it provides in practice.”

– R. Craig Wilson,
Sr. Vice President, Sales Manager, Northern Trust

“Cialdini is the most brilliant student of influence and negotiation I’ve encountered. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have advising me.”

– Tom Peters, The Tom Peters Group

“This book is the de facto standard to learn the psychology of persuasion. If you don’t read it, I hope you enjoy pounding your head against the wall and throwing away marketing dollars.” 

– Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Holy Kaw 

“Dr. Cialdini, I was concerned that because my sales team is very senior, sophisticated, and experienced, if you did not keep their attention, they would simply walk out, get on their 

Treos or start taking phone calls. I was most pleased that they stayed, were engaged and, from their responses, now months afterwards, found: new, useful, long-term and important lessons to make these ‘old pro’s’ even better. Mission accomplished!”

– Tom Stroud, Cisco Systems

“Dr. Cialdini was a big hit. His message on influence is memorable and applicable across a broad range of contexts. He was the opening keynote speaker at the conference and got 

the conference off to a great start. One attendee remarked after his address that hearing his presentation was time and money well spent to attend the entire conference.”

– Dr. David M. Szymanski,
JCPenney Chair of Retailing Studies & Director,
Center for Retailing Studies, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

“Dr. Cialdini’s materials have been truly invaluable for directing our marketing efforts and focus. Nothing else comes close to his insights.”

– Glen Larson, President,
 Genesis Financial Technologies, Inc.

“You were exceptional.”

– Sebastian Mackinlay,
 World Negotiation Forum

“We’ve known for years that people buy based on emotions and justify their buying decision based on logic.  

Dr. Cialdini was able, in a lucid and cogent manner, to tell us why this happens. Our agents are now better positioned to influence their clients — in an ethical manner — to make better buying decisions. We could not be happier with his presentation.”

– Mark Blackburn,
Sr. VP, Dir. of Insurance Operations,
 State Auto Insurance

“We were impressed with Dr. Cialdini’s quick grasp of both our company and the highly complex health care industry. His extensive knowledge in the field of persuasion allowed him to provide 

us with tangible actions we could take to enhance our marketing materials and help differentiate us from our competitors.”

– Tracy W. Young,
Director of Marketing, Team Health

“His presentation was stirring and full of information to help in the influencing decisions and more specific in getting closure on your ideas and services. I would recommend that anyone 

 that works with the public and wants to persuade them in a decision or just influence thinking (executive, teacher, sales person, politician) should attend Bob’s presentation. It is an educational, entertaining and value adding experience.”

– Howard A. Christensen,
Co-Chairman, Christensen & Associates

“Dr. Robert Cialdini’s information and “principles of persuasion” program are a terrific foundation for any organization desiring to improve its sales, negotiation, and change management 

 skills efforts. Having attended his program, I highly recommend Dr. Cialdini as a professional speaker.”

– Steve Rue,
Senior Vice President of Administration,
 Arrowhead Credit Union

“You promised, and delivered! People were talking about Dr. Cialdini’s presentation. It gave our whole CMO event an important added dimension beyond the “usual” marketing strategies

 and tactics that most sessions emphasize.”

– Rob Leavitt,
Sr Dir. Marketing & Member Advocacy,
 IT Services Marketing Assoc.

“After Dr. Cialdini’s program, the noise of praise was almost deafening.”

– Eric Snyder, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
 Shea Homes

“We recently got back our reader survey results from the Oct. issue and your article was both the most read and the one that people found the most useful. Congratulations!”

– Alden M. Hayashi,
Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

“Dr. Robert Cialdini literally touched thousands of lives and you met all facets of our mission statement. He helped solidify an outstanding Day, and helped create the significant impact 

we were seeking for our diverse audience.”

 – Mark Jones,
Main Platform Chair,
 Million Dollar Round Table

“Thank you for your very informative, usable and enjoyable presentation at the recent MediaCat Forum in Istanbul. Although we had many excellent presenters, you were the best 

 and received the highest ratings of the entire conference.”

– Pelin Ozkan,
 Genel Yayin Yonetmeni

“Robert Cialdini far exceeded the expectations of a very cynical group of public relations executives and made me a hero in the process. He was engaging, authoritative and 

 had done his homework on our industry. He gave us useful information in a compelling delivery and we were able to put it into practice that very day.”

– Michelle Olson, APR,
 The Counselors Academy,
Public Relations Society of America

“Dr. Cialdini was the top speaker we’ve ever had…in or out of the organization. They loved him.”

– Jennifer L. Botelho, KPMG, LLP

“He blew everybody away. They were thrilled. In fact, afterwards one of our lead people pulled me aside and said he came into this program thinking he had been oversold about Dr. Cialdini’s effectiveness. 

 He admitted he was wrong, and ended up taking 6 pages of notes on ways he can apply this information immediately to his work. And yes, you can quote me on this.”

– Steven Mosey, Ph.D.,
 Bose Corporation

“Thanks for your excellent presentation on the strategy of influence and change in attitude. It was very well received by our distributors and Hercules representatives, and I’m sure will create 

 a better thought process by all in selling and in management.”

– Dale Johnson,
Regional Manager, Hercules Incorporated

“If you are looking for a speaker with an important message for sales people, Dr. Cialdini has some powerful insights on influence human behavior (customers, prospects, agents, employees, etc.).”

– David Schmidt,
President, Nationwide Insurance

“Thank you so much for meeting with our company and imparting your wisdom. It has really made a difference. Thanks again for being such a huge ‘influence’ on Massey Knakal ! “

– Robert Knakal, Massey Knakal

“Very rarely do I hear a speaker whose message stays with me after I leave the session… I am still amazed how often I am drawn to his words…informative, motivational, interactive and 

 downright helpful with everyday life situations. I immediately put into practice some of his techniques, and found them very beneficial.”

– Corie Rockafellow,
Western Region VP ERA

“I am sure that the conclusions you draw will have a major influence on management and sales practices.”

– Stefaan Gillis,
Marketing Manager, Compulec, Belgium

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