Testimonials – International Business

“Robert Cialdini is the best expert on Persuasion and Influence in the world..”

– Jose’ Salibi Neto,


“Robert Cialdini amazed our audience with his highly applicable scientific insights on persuasion and influence. His presentation style combines authority and inspiration, which makes him a very engaging person to listen to.”

– Hans Janssen,

“This program will help executives make better decisions and use their influence wisely… Robert Cialdini has had a greater impact on my thinking on this topic than any other scientist… The best

popular book that demonstrates six or eight ways in which the quirks of your own mind will frequently prove dysfunctional to your best interests is Cialdini’s Influence.”

– Charles T. Munger,
Vice Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

“Bob Cialdini is the most brilliant student of influence and negotiation I’ve encountered. If everything were on the line in a negotiation, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have advising me.”

– Tom Peters,
 The Tom Peters Group

“We’ve known for years that people buy based on emotions and justify their buying decision based on logic. Dr. Cialdini was able, in a lucid and cogent manner, to tell us why this happens. Our agents are 

 now better positioned to influence their clients — in an ethical manner — to make better buying decisions. We could not be happier with his presentation.”

– Mark Blackburn,
Sr. VP, Dir. of Insurance Operations,
State Auto Insurance

“Dr. Robert Cialdini literally touched thousands of lives and you met all facets of our mission statement. He helped solidify an outstanding Day, and helped create the significant 

 impact we were seeking for our diverse audience. ”

– Mark Jones, Main Platform Chair,
 Million Dollar Round Table

“We recently got back our reader survey results from the Oct. issue and your article was both the most read and the one that people found the most useful. Congratulations!”

– Alden M. Hayashi,
Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review

“The message given in your presentation is just what our people needed to confirm that the psychology of influence can be learned… If these messages are applied, then our objective of creating a more successful business will have been met.”

– A.M. McIntosh,
 IBM United Kingdom International Products Limited

“Robert Cialdini, through his intensive research, has clearly shown that it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of persuasion to bring about amazingly positive results.”

– Pratap Nambiar,
Regional Executive Partner,
 KPMG Global Markets Asia Pacific

“Very rarely do I hear a speaker whose message stays with me after I leave the session… I am still amazed how often I am drawn to his words…informative, motivational, interactive and 

  downright helpful with everyday life situations. I immediately put into practice some of his techniques, and found them very beneficial.”

– Corie Rockafellow,
Western Region VPERA

“I am sure that the conclusions you draw will have a major influence on management and sales practices.”

– Stefaan Gillis,
Marketing Manager, Compulec, Belgium

“His presentation was stirring and full of information to help in the influencing decisions and more specific in getting closure on your ideas and services. I would recommend that anyone 

 that works with the public and wants to persuade them in a decision or just influence thinking (executive, teacher, sales person, politician) should attend Bob’s presentation. It is an educational, entertaining and value adding experience.”

– Howard A. Christensen,
Co-Chairman, Christensen & Associates

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