Testimonials – Healthcare

“Dr. Cialdini held our audience ‘spellbound’ for hours. His advice was both strategic and practical, and was geared perfectly for our audience from about 40 countries. His principles were

put into practice by the delegates immediately.”

– Cathy Kernen,
Global Director of Product PR,
AstraZeneca Alderley Park, UK

“Dr. Robert Cialdini has played an integral role in the development of our high-potential leaders. His practical insights and real-world perspectives have challenged our executives to step back and 

 reassess their global leadership and influence skills. He provides an important link in the development of our future leaders.”

– Gregory J. Smith, PH.D.,
Administration & Finance Division, Organizational Development & HR Research,
Bayer Corporation

“We were impressed with Dr. Cialdini‘s quick grasp of both our company and the highly complex health care industry. His extensive knowledge in the field of persuasion allowed him to provide 

 us with tangible actions we could take to enhance our marketing materials and help differentiate us from our competitors.”

– Tracy W. Young,
Director of Marketing, Team Health

“If you have a choice, don’t miss the opportunity to expose your people to this man. His work, his science, his ethics and his method for putting it all together are an experience you can’t get elsewhere.”

– Tracy Mellor,
Novo Nordisk Limited, UK

“Our people have had a lot of different training classes, but this one is different. The six principles of influence appear to be simple, but the more we learned, the more we realized that this course is 

really a tight little system that allows us to think in different ways. This Principles of Persuasion course was excellent for our Senior Managers, customer service directors and sales people. We saw a measurable difference right away. The only problem is, now the word has spread and everyone wants it.”

 Margaret McMahon,
Training Manager , CIGNA Healthcare

“Dr. Cialdini’s program was the best I have taken in 25 years of taking courses. Not a day goes by that I don’t apply one or more of the principles in my work and with my family. This material is 

 like a hidden gem which I am glad that I discovered!”

– DR. Randall Bennett

“The Principles of Persuasion workshops have been very useful indeed. Our colleagues here at Schering Health Care became much more personally effective whether they are new to their role of 

very experienced. The POP really helped our selling model for instance and really helped increase one’s personal impact without being too rigid and conformist to a model. People here are very enthused. Thank you once again.”

– Tracy Hunter,
Schering Health Care Ltd, UK

“Dr. Cialdini was one of the best speakers we have ever had in the eight years of our Institute! The audience was captivated by his message and style. His information was not only interesting, 

but had substance. Dr. Cialdini provided practice information that could easily be utilized by the audience in the future.”

– John Payne, Manager,
Professional Liaison, Ormco Corporation

“Bob’s work is so important to what we do, it’s like walking on the beach and finding a bottle with a genie in it.”

– Dr. Joe Mayes, Lubbock

“Dr. Cialdini’s ability to make the science of Influence understandable and immediately useable is only exceeded by his contagious knowledge and passion for the subject. Dr. Cialdini’s message is 

a must business investment for healthcare or leadership!”

– Dale Johnson,
Kaiser Permanente


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