Corporate POP Workshop®

It’s a well-kept secret that an entire science is devoted to how people are persuaded. There is a science that has discovered how to increase your likelihood of hearing “yes,” sometimes as much as 300% or 400%, by merely adding a word or phrase, or changing the sequence of your request.

The success of leaders, executives, managers, and salespeople is measured by their ability to accomplish goals. Those goals are met, more often than not, by reasoning, persuading and inspiring others to share a vision and pursue a common purpose. We live in a world where those who are the most persuasive are the most prosperous. How successful you are in your professional and personal life depends on your ability to influence others.

Those who wish to create and sustain positive change in others need to understand how the influence process works. A vast body of scientific evidence now exists on how, when, and why people say “yes.” There’s been an average seven to nine year time-lag between the time that findings are discovered in the behavioral sciences, and the time they begin to be implemented by professionals who need the information.

Now, INFLUENCE AT WORK (IAW) is pleased to offer you and your employees the Principles of Persuasion (POP) workshop. Developed by leading researchers in the behavioral sciences, it is the first program that bridges this time lag, helping you implement the latest research to your advantage.

Unlike most consulting and training firms, INFLUENCE AT WORK was founded by behavioral science researchers and professors at top universities. Our approach to the influence process is based on the research and methods of the internationally renowned influence expert, Dr. Robert Cialdini, whose seminal research into the six fundamental principles of influence forms the cornerstone of our training program.

What You Will Learn

  • The six universal Principles of Persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you more influential
  • How to use the Principles in entirely ethical ways to ensure mutually-profitable, long-lasting partnerships with others
  • The circumstances under which each Principle works best
  • When and how to combine the Principles for greatest effectiveness
  • How to deploy scientific evidence (as opposed to guesses and hunches) to advance your influence
  • How to recognize and resist unethical influence attempts
  • How to identify the elusive, but potent, Moments of Power in any situation, when others will be most receptive to your message
  • What to say within those Moments of Power
  • Which Principles to use to forge new relationships, repair damaged relationships and cultivate trusted relationships
  • Which Principles to use in times of uncertainty
  • Which Principles to use to move others from the point of merely agreeing with your message to acting upon it
  • How to maximize the use of testimonials to increase business
  • How to best highlight and communicate your expertise to potential clients or employers
  • How to ensure others follow through on their commitments
  • How to employ the insights from this program as tools to address your own specific influence challenges
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“Dr. Robert Cialdini literally touched thousands of lives and you met all facets of our mission statement. He helped solidify an outstanding Day, and helped create the significant impact we were seeking for our diverse audience.”
MARK JONES, Main Platform Chair, Million Dollar Round Table

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