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Give And Take: How The Rules Of Reciprocation Bind Us

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Dishy Mix – Robert Cialdini

Influence For Pharma Reps

Persuading us to be good – BBC

BBC Radio discusses governmental persuasion and its effects on society. Commentary provided by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

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Sometimes providing your influence targets with compromise choices can be an effective route of ethical persuasion. In this podcast Professor Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin talk more about this and present their top tips.

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Although we all like to hear about the features and benefits we will gain in a given situation they are often not enough to motivate us into action. The authors of Yes! 50 Secrets from the science of persuasion talk about the powerful role of loss language.

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Everyone knows it is better to have choices than no choices. But does there a come a point when too much choice is counterproductive? Professor Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin think there might be and provide insights into ensuring your influence attempts remain optimum.

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How could you become a Jedi Master of Persuasion? What could a famous scene from the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi teach you about how to be more persuasive by using the labelling strategy?

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Could the simplicity of a name make it more persuasive? New research has shown that people often feel more positive and more attracted to product and company names that are easy to pronounce. But does it have an effect over the company’s share price? The answer may surprise you.

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Businesses often offer and we all like to receive free gifts. But could the giving of a free gift actually backfire and make future attempts to persuade us less successful?

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"Dr. Cialdini is the great guru of social influence!"
Richard Thaler, author of Nudge

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