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Mad Men, Persuasion, Influence and the Science, Application, and Psychology of Robert Cialdini

Mad men With all the buzz about the season five premiere of AMC’s Mad Men and the extra attention on advertizing and changing people’s behavior, we thought we’d use this opportunity to provide you with a sample of the new book, Six Degrees of Social Influence: Science, Application, and the Psychology of Robert Cialdini by Kenrick, Goldstein and Braver. The following is the entire forward written by Dr. Cialdini from this new book. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues who are also interested in the psychology of changing behavior in others.



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Six_degreesThis Newest Book on Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Influence is edited by Douglas T. Kenrick, Noah J. Goldstein and Sanford L. Braver

In Six Degrees of Social Influence:  Science, Application, and The Psychology of Robert Cialdini, leading authors, who represent many different countries and disciplines, explore new developments and the widespread impact of Cialdini's work in research areas ranging from persuasion strategy and social engineering to help-seeking and decision-making.

We are very proud of this new book and what it represents.  Each chapter has been written by a different scientist.  We hope that you will find this useful as well as intellectually invigorating.

 "A fascinating and fitting tribute to one of social psychology's true pioneers."
– Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of Stumbling on Happiness

"Robert Cialdini is the Benjamin Franklin of research on influence – a keen observer of human nature, great writer, minter of pithy phrases, and clever experimenter who's able to capture lightning in a jar. This collection of essays, written by his fellow researchers in his honor, testifies to his wide and deep influence on the practice of social psychology."
– Chip Heath, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business and author of Made to Stick and Switch

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