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Are Human Decisions Eminently Rational, Hopelessly Irrational, or Neither? By: Dr. Robert Cialdini

 the rational animal


There is an intellectual train speeding our way, carrying a revolutionary payload for those who want to truly understand how people make decisions. Douglas Kenrick and Vladas Griskevicius are at the center of this scientific revolution, and their new book The Rational Animal: How Evolution Made Us Smarter Than We Think, gives us the inside story, with some important implications for anyone seriously interested in understanding the psychology behind business choices…as well as personal ones. 

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Building Co-Operation….. Two Important Strategies

By Steve Martin, CMCTiStock_000021091949Medium

Business rarely pauses to take breath and when change happens it can often occur at lighting speed throwing up unexpected challenges. A sudden acquisition can mean that today’s competitor will be tomorrow’s colleague. A change in business model could result in a long-standing rival emerging as the perfect joint venture partner. A seemingly straightforward company restructure can lead to the merging of departments that previously didn’t see eye to eye.

Marriages like these can be challenging at the best of times. Even more so if those concerned have previously gone to great lengths to differentiate themselves from an adversary that they now find to be an associate. So when a wedding of opponents occurs what can be done to encourage people to accept former rivals as part of the new family? And how might they be persuaded to cooperate with new colleagues, work collaboratively and embrace joint efforts?

One potential answer comes from another group notorious for their fierce rivalries – sports fans. 

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