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Congratulations to our INFLUENCE PHOTO CONTEST Winner, Kevin Espelita!


Kevin posted some great photos of himself and his friends reading an array of Dr. Cialdini’s books.  We asked Kevin to share a little bit about himself and here is what he had to say:

“My name is Kevin, I’m a college student. I’ve been going to Laney College for a little over a year now. My major is Business Administration. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. My psychology teacher introduced me to some of Dr. Cialdini’s books. I love reading his books especially “Yes!”, the book really helps me become a good communicator. His books help me figure out what career or path I should pursue. :)

Thanks to all who entered.  We had a great time with this contest because of all the creative photos we got to see! 

Stay tuned for more contests and for more ethical applications of The Science of Influence!

How to Increase Business Using Goals

By Steve Martin, CMCT

Imagine one day that you and a friend meet for coffee. After ordering and paying for your drinks the barista hands you a loyalty card and explains that each time you buy a cup of coffee, they will stamp your card. The Barista further explains that once you have collected ten stamps, you can claim a free cup of coffee. You take the card noticing that they have already stamped your card twice indicating the progress you have made towards gaining that free cup of coffee. That progress could be framed in two ways. You are 20% of the way towards achieving that free cup of coffee. Or it could mean that you have 80% left to go.

But which is more likely to motivate you to complete the task? It turns out the answer could provide valuable insights, not just in making coffee shop loyalty programs more successful, but for anyone looking to influence either themselves, or others, to complete a task.

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See What You’ve Been Missing

The September Public Principles of Persuasion (POP) Workshop was a huge success. 



Recently, thirty smart and insightful people participated in the POP Workshop in the Phoenix area to learn how to ethically apply the Science of Influence in business.   Our fearless trainer was Dr. Gregory Neidert, Director of Training for INFLUENCE AT WORK. 


We all learned, laughed and experienced new material that taught us fresh methods to use the potent research of Dr. Robert Cialdini.  We wish we could have heard your insights into this new material as well.


If you would like to join us for the next open to the public POP Workshop in September, our early bird deadline ends November 1st.  This workshop has sold out for years.  If your job includes the need to influence others inside or outside of your organization,  join us this September so later you won’t have to hear, “We missed you!”.


Click here to See what you have been missing.


“I don’t see how any business can survive without this training”  Ramon Diaz of  DesignArounds


“These two days were extremely well spent!  This workshop is the perfect mix of theory and practice – big ideas and real world application.”  Daniel Pink, Author


“I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to improve their skills in ethical influence. So that means EVERYONE!”  Will Brooks of The Brooks Group



Dan Norris, CMCT to Headline

at TEDx San Antonio

Dan Norris, a senior Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) has been selected to be the headline speaker at TEDx on October 13th.  Dan is very experienced, knowledgeable and talented.  No wonder they selected him to kick off the entire conference.


Dan Norris, Director – Holt Development Services has represented Dr. Cialdini and his material for over 10 years.  We couldn’t be more proud to share Dan with this prestigious group.  Dan’s program, Hear Yes! More Often with the Science of Influence is sure to be fast-paced, fun and enlightening.  It will be available free to us all at 9:00 am Central (10 am Eastern) on October 13th Join us on the 13th.


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