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Mad Men, Persuasion, Influence and the Science, Application, and Psychology of Robert Cialdini

Mad men With all the buzz about the season five premiere of AMC’s Mad Men and the extra attention on advertizing and changing people’s behavior, we thought we’d use this opportunity to provide you with a sample of the new book, Six Degrees of Social Influence: Science, Application, and the Psychology of Robert Cialdini by Kenrick, Goldstein and Braver. The following is the entire forward written by Dr. Cialdini from this new book. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues who are also interested in the psychology of changing behavior in others.



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$10 off Shipping Coupon Code for the Audio CD Version of INFLUENCE: Science & Practice 5th ed.


Dear Readers,

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Hear What You’ve Been Missing! INFLUENCE: Science & Practice is now on Audio CD


 Dr. Robert Cialdini's New York Times Best Seller, INFLUENCE:  Science & Practice has sold over 2 million copies and is available for the first time in an Audio CD version.

This 11 disc CD set allows you to hear renowned audio book narrator, Lloyd James, read INFLUENCE:  Science & Practice the 5th ed.

As a special treat the introduction is read by our very own Dr. Robert Cialdini.

The Audio CD set is available on by clicking here or you can buy the Audio set directly from our website by clicking here.

How To Make Better Choices

ChoicesBy Steve Martin, CMCT

A recent article published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology has got me thinking about recruitment. But before we talk about that, I’d like you to imagine you are in the market for a new Wide Screen High Definition TV. I’m going to offer you three scenarios and ask you to consider which one you prefer. Ready? OK.

In the first scenario (A) you are shown two televisions that you are potentially interested in and given information about each of the TV’s respective screen sizes and resolution so that you can compare them side by side before deciding which one you prefer. The second Scenario (B) is similar to (A) except that the information about the screen size and resolution is not provided; you are simply comparing the TVs side by side with no additional information. The third, Scenario (C), is the same as (B) but this time instead of comparing both televisions at the same time you review the first, wait a day, and then review the second a day later. Which of the above scenarios do you prefer?

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