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How to Improve Your Internet Marketing with Social Influence

TabletBy Bobette Gorden

More and more professionals are successfully using social influence in internet marketing. As long as it is used ethically and honestly, it is a good method to communicate the popularity of an issue, product or service. In the battle for consumer attention, Social Influence is an increasingly important tool. Aileen Lee, focuses on consumer-oriented digital companies at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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Magnanimous Donation Leads to Speculations


By Bobette Gorden

Recently in Spokane, a single gift of two diamond rings and one sapphire ring were wrapped in a dollar bill and dropped in a Salvation Army kettle anonymously. One of the diamond rings alone was assessed to be valued between $2,000 and $5,000. This was a VERY generous donation. 

The Salvation Army helps many people in many different ways. Most often, we see these bell-ringers at Christmas time outside of grocery stores, drugstores and malls. I often see people donate dollar bills as they pass by. And every dollar is appreciated. The level of this Spokane anonymous donation was stunning by comparison. 

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In times of economic uncertainty, it might just make the difference for your business.

Worried_coupleBy Steve Martin, CMCT

The messages of impending doom, which appear to be broadcast with increasing frequency by business leaders, analysts and media commentators, share some striking similarities to another forecasting favorite – the trusty weatherman.  Even the language is the same, with talk of storm clouds brewing, a bleak outlook and unpredictable conditions ahead.

Of course all predictions, whether meteorological or economical in nature, can be wrong.  But this happens less often than one would expect – forecasters are very often correct.

There are exceptions: few seeing the 2007-8 financial meltdown is one of the more cited examples of recent wrongs.  In general, it is easier for people to remember when forecasters “got it wrong”, rather than when they get it right.  It’s unlikely the topic of discussion at the water cooler starts with someone remarking how much they admire the morning news weatherman “for getting it right again”. They are much more likely to comment if he was wrong, simultaneously signaling that, and “had they known better, they would have brought their umbrellas to work.”

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How to Avoid Bungling Your Holiday Gifting

Your_logo_hereAfter last week’s post on the attempt of Starbucks to give holiday gifts, I thought the following observation might be useful. 

John’s wife works for a large multinational financial services company – let’s call it “XXX Card” – which has thousands of employees. For Christmas each year, XXX Card gives points that employees can spend on high quality items from the company’s beautiful holiday gift catalog. Choices include: fix-a-flat kits, aprons, barbeque sets, tents, high-end leather jackets, silk scarves, luggage, and crystal – some worth hundreds of dollars. 

On the face of it, these are very generous gifts. But wait! Each of these “gifts” comes wearing the “XXX Card” logo – on everything! Aprons, tents and leather jackets are monogrammed with the logo. The logo is even etched into that expensive crystal! Amazing!

Items monogrammed or etched with a company logo may be great for promotions or advertising, but for Christmas gifts? Not so much! “Gifts” like these send a confusing message. Are they meant to thank employees or to use them as part of the company’s advertising campaign?

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BBC, Neuroscience, Influence, Marketing, Cialdini and So Much More

By Bobette GordenBbc_news

The brain knows more than we realize. Why do we act so mindlessly? And how can we be more aware of how our brains work and how we can use them?

For any business interested in marketing, there is another way to understand how to effectively reach your market.

For any business that is dependent on clients, customers or patients keeping their appointments, here’s an instructive look at the UK research led by our own Steve Martin, CMCT. This research clearly shows how to decrease those costly and frustrating no-shows.

Join us on this BBC podcast, Brain Culture Part 3 from Nov 29th (28 minutes).

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