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Letter To Our Readers

Dear Readers,

Our Inside Influence Report blog has undergone several changes in the past few years. Because of you and your enthusiasm for the information, the IIR has grown to almost 20,000 readers. We want to thank you all for your support, comments, suggestions and ideas. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback since we changed The Inside Influence Report (IIR) to a blog format from a newsletter format. In keeping with that trend, we are going to be adding posts throughout the month rather than just once a month. Our goal, by initiating this new format, is to bring you more current updates while increasing our engagement with you.

As Dr. Cialdini says, “Information is like bread, not wine. It doesn’t get better with age!”



Eily VanderMeer

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

GroupInALine By Steve Martin, CMCT

In a 1981 single that went on to feature in VH1’s Top 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs, UK punk rock band The Clash asked “Should I stay or should I go?” The question posed in their song is likely to be asked as often today as it was upon its release thirty years ago – and not just pertaining to matters of the heart; but to matters of business too.

Every day millions of customers and consumers ask themselves if ‘they should stay or go’ when finding themselves waiting in line for a service and not knowing how long their wait is likely to be. Shoppers may switch lines in checkouts hoping to pick a faster moving one. Web users might refresh their browser in the hope a chosen download will run faster. Customers contacting a telephone helpline may abandon a current call and call back later in the hope that the wait time will be shorter.

But what are the factors that people use to decide whether they should stay or go and what are the potential implications for business when it comes to ethically influencing and persuading customers?     

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UK Cialdini Certification Class: Bright, Innovative, Successful

Click here for a brief overview of our CMCT class experience.

Last month in the UK, Dr. Gregory Neidert and I were able to train, appreciate, and approve for the next step in the certification process, an impressive group of five new Cialdini Method Certified Trainers most of whom will work with our UK partner, Steve Martin, to serve the increasing non-North American demand for our POP workshops. The first-hand experiences I had with these individuals makes me confident that our message of a scientifically-grounded approach to ethical influence will be communicated properly and effectively to new and eager audiences around the globe.
Dr. Robert Cialdini

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